Designed For You

Muscles in Motion is a small, private, affordable and welcoming personal training studio for all who walk thru the door. 

There are no monthly fees and all workouts are supervised by ACE Certified Personal Trainer Joni Dykstra.

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A Small Boutique-Style Studio, Where Everyone is Welcome!!!

Our goal is to meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey, make you feel welcome, and help to keep you motivated.

Why is Muscles In Motion Good For You?

Classes Available Weekly

Check out our class schedule to see when your next favorite class is ready for you. 

Personalized Training 

We offer personal training developed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Online Classes Available Now

Our 30 Strong program gives you the ability to work out from the comfort of your home!

Pay Per Class

We do not lock you into unwanted contracts, you 

A Word from Our Trainees

Image by Annie Spratt

Join #Movin2theBeet

& join our community of Warriors!

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